Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Welcome To The Stop Blog Trolls Campaign

Incidences of people being 'stalked' or 'trolled' by people that they have come into contact with as a result of their blogs are becoming more and more frequent.

Stop Blog Trolls has been set up due to a demand for people to know what or should I say 'who' is out there and because it's safety in numbers. Bloggers are not protected by Google who owns blogger for instance, and they aren't protected by the ISP's of the blog trolls, because, well they just don't care. It's a nightmare to deal with through the police because often an offender can be outside of their jurisdiction or are just plain elusive.

Bloggers have the right to blog without living in fear of a deluded blog trolls ramblings and threats. What Blog Trolls don't seem to recognise is that they are bullying and harrassing. Stop Blog Trolls wants to put together a code of conduct for people to put on their blogs, but will also offer the ability for bloggers to name and shame.

Knowledge is power and whilst we seem to be able to find out information on just about anything and everything, the beauty of being a blog troll is that the internet is so vast that you can troll to your hearts content and then when you've exhausted one victim, move on and start afresh without anyone knowing about your trolling past.

The very act of trolling or stalking via the net means that there is a trail of information that is being left behind by the offenders. This blog seeks to build up evidence of troll activity. It's not about speculating - the evidence speaks for itself.

We are keen to hear of any incidences and you're able to remain anonymous. Be sure to keep your evidence and not only will the blog trolls have to start feeling nervous about being outted, but ISP's and authorities are going to have to start paying attention.

The key thing is that if you are a victim of a blog troll, you are not alone. Please email if you have any questions or would like to inform us about a blog troll.


Sean said...

I am really curious as to whether or not Blogspot actually posts most blogs directly as links onto the web. I suspect many of them get posted into the equivalent of a hosting tank and are sorted and posted by some sort of relevancy engine(monitored by the culturally and intellectualy deformed) I find it very curious that many of my blogs titles cannot be found via most search engines. Visit www. dickmanagement/blogspot.com

gentletiger2507 said...

Hi am I glad I found your site. My niece who is alone with 6 children and whose son died st 18 last April. Her ex who is not the father of her son that has died has written all sorts of horrible lies about my niece. He is a sick sadistic person who is spreading all sorts of digusting lies about my niece on a blog. We have tried the police and a lwayer and they say they can do nothing because it is on net. Could you help me to put an end to this disgusting blog

Orchid said...

Is following a blog considered harrassment if no comments are ever made?